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Thank you for your interest. Dr. Little is not currently accepting new primary care patients.

  • Medical Care designed around your busy schedule
  • A healthcare program tailored to your goals and objectives
  • Personalized medical care that places the importance of the doctor-patient relationship first and foremost
  • A more time-honored style of medical care that adds an unprecedented level of choice, accessibility and convenience in your hands


Scheduling your first FAA Flight Physical or just unfamiliar with the process?

  • No worries, just contact Dr. Little and he will help guide you through the process step-by-step.

Have a medical condition or are currently treated with a medication(s) and are unsure how that might impact your flight qualification?

  • Simply contact Dr. Little to discuss your situation. Dr. Little will walk you through the most up to date information from the FAA with regard to your conditions and will advise you on what medical documentation you will need in advance of your Flight Physical.
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