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Thank you for your interest. Dr. Little currently is not accepting new Primary care patients.

A return to a more traditional style of care

  • Dr. Little has designed a medical practice that puts the importance of the doctor-patient relationship at center stage. 
  • This return to a more traditional style of medical care involves making health decisions based on a working relationship and familiarity between patient and practitioner and is individualized to the patient’s medical goals and objectives. 
  • A practice design that offers 24/7 access directly to Dr. Little by phone. 
  • Dr. Little thanks you for your interest in his practice. Currently we are not accepting new patients.

Our Approach

A small, select patient population size, to allow personalized, attentive medical care

Appointments arranged according to your schedule

24/7 access to Dr. Little by phone

Same day or next day appointments

Labs drawn on site

Coordination of care with Specialists

Hospital visits and discharge care coordination

Frequently Asked Questions

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