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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a part of your Concierge Practice in order to have you conduct my FAA Flight Physical?

No, we can complete your FAA Flight Physical independent of my Concierge Practice

Are you able to perform my FAA Flight Physical in the mobile aspect of your practice?

Unfortunately, no, the FAA requires that all Flight Physicals be performed at the address on file in their system. Therefore, we must complete your Flight Physical at my office.

So, what are the medical standards necessary to pass my FAA Flight Physical

Synopsis of FAA Medical Standards for all flight Classes of pilots

What if I have only one eye; am color blind; have had amputations of arms/legs or have impaired hearing etc…?

If otherwise healthy and you pass other elements of the exam, you may be certified. You must demonstrate, in a practical test given by a flight examiner, that you can perform the necessary procedures in the flight/airport environment. You will then be given a “Statement of Demonstrated Ability” (SODA) , authorizing you to act as pilot in command.

What if I incurred a DUI or was in a motor vehicle accident associated with a DUI?  How do I report this and remain in good standing with the FAA?

There is a protocol for reporting the offense and it must be reported on your next FAA physical or within 60 days, which ever comes first. 

See this link for the full protocol:  Airman DUI/DWI Protocol

What if I have one of the 15 listed disqualifying conditions?

You may be certified for many of these conditions through the process of “Special Issuance” as long as the requested consultations / studies are approved by the FAA’s Medical Specialty Board.

Link to list of:  Medical Standards for Flight and Disqualifying Conditions

Link to discussion of:  Various Medical Conditions

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