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Instructions to complete a FAA Medical Exam

All FAA Medical Exams are now electronic and are completed via a program called MedXPress.

1.  The first step to completing your FAA Medical Exam is to register for a MedXPress Account: MEDXPRESS New Account.

If you already have a MedXPress account, click here: 

MEDXPRESS Existing account

Items to bring with you to your Medical Exam:

1.  Corrective lenses (Glasses, if you wear them for distant or near vision).  

2.  A list of your current medical conditions and current medications (if you have any)

What is involved in the exam:

The exam is a physical exam that includes vitals, vision testing, hearing, and  a urine test for glucose (sugar) and protein. 

Only Class I exams require an electrocardiogram (EKG) (Classes II and III do not). These EKGs are performed once between the ages of 35-39 and then annually after age 40.

Most exams are relatively quick and take  about 30 minutes. If you have a history of major medical problems (such as a stroke, heart attack, or cancer) the exams will take longer and require additional records and at times, additional studies.  Major medical issues often require review by a Special Issuance issued by the FAA Aeromedical Certification Division.  Click here for details on Special Issuance.

Once you are seen by your Aeromedical Examiner (AME), your exam must be submitted to the FAA within 14 days (2 weeks).  Therefore, if you have existing medical conditions and / or are on medications (prescription or over the counter), contact your AME to discuss these situations BEFORE you begin your FAA Medical Exam


Feel free to contact me at,, or my cell, (520) 240-9130,  if you have questions about a medical condition or medication that may require additional documentation or work up prior to your FAA Medical Exam.


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